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Shed Life....

It appears Shed living in New Zealand is becoming not only popular with those willing and able to jump, but a far more affordable way to own and enjoy a less stressful mortgage in these times. 

There are many kitset companies offering habitable sheds in all shapes and sizes, delivered to you, or built in situ. 


We made the jump to Shed living over four years ago and haven't regretted it. It brings out your practical side whilst unleashing your creativity. 

We designed and built a pole shed onsite as a workshop with amenities. It's strong, durable and spacious. 

Scott offers his expertise in Shed design and building that comes from over 35 years of roofing. We used a trapezoidal profile as cladding on our shed because of its durability, insulation properties and low maintenance, with wooden joinery. 

If you're entertaining the idea and family are onboard, get in touch and we can inspire you fully from planning, design and costs, to making it happen in a short time frame.

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