Everything Asbestos....

Until the 1980’s, asbestos was commonly used in building materials.

It was a cheap, long lasting and fire retardant material. Used in spray-on fireproofing, insulation, cement, roofing sheets and insulation around pipes. Eventually, the health hazards from being exposed to asbestos fibres were discovered and as a result the product is no longer used. But if you live in a house that was built or renovated between 1950 - 2000, it’s possible there could still be asbestos, or asbestos containing material (ACM) in the building materials. 


We manage Class B asbestos. It is considered ‘non-friable’ as it is bonded asbestos, normally mixed and sealed into products. Compounds like cement or plastic can be mixed with asbestos (with usually less than 15% asbestos) to create a stronger product. It is bound tightly and cannot be easily crumbled to expose asbestos fibres. Bonded asbestos is considered safe if it is maintained - there is low risk if it is not disturbed.

Asbestos Roof Removal Co Ltd works under the umbrella of FNR. We have been a certified asbestos removal company since regulations were enforced April 2018. 

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