We migrated from the Wellington Region to the Far North over two years ago, built a shed off-grid, and live here happily with our son and two dogs. 

Our speciality is long run Metal Roofing, Asbestos Removal/Supervision and Shed building.

The removal of and re roofing your house/shed/garage/chicken shed in long run metal is our thing. Roofs, cladding, fencing...anything you want built and clad :)

We will remove all kinds of roofing (Asbestos, tiles, rotten purlins) for replacement and dispose of it (costs included within the quote). 

Our other speciality is asbestos removal. We started Asbestos Roof Removal Co. Ltd under our roofing umbrella, when it became apparent that asbestos removal was serious business. It needed to be managed in a way that ensures human health and disposal is not compromised. 

Scott started his roofing career working with asbestos 38 years ago so knows all of its traits, good and bad.  He is a certified Removalist and Superviser.

Far North roofing, since 2019